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Leaves Forever

Dried Palm Leaves are collected from various parts of plants for decorative purpose. We are always motivated to find ways to utilize the dried leaves that fall from plants. They can be offered in different colors, bleached, golden and silver. Palm Leaves, Palm Spear, Sunspear, Skeleton Pepal Net, Sun Palm Leaf, Bamboo Leaf, Cobra Leaf, Rowl Stick are popular among leaves you can use it to decorate or make more design like decorating textile, wedding invitation design, card, poster, banner, bouquet and wreath.

These gorgeous natural dried palm leaves add a beautiful touch of nature to your home decor. Perfect as a display piece on a console in a vase or to decorate your wall. Mix and match with our branches to make a beautiful natural arrangement. Create an exotic bohemian vibe in your interior decor with some dried palm leaves. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes such as small, medium, large, extra large and can be displayed in so many ways. Perfect for adding a touch of Island chic to any indoor space.

LG01 Skeleton Pepal Net

LG02 Magnolia Net

LG03 Long Leaf Net

LG04 Orkate Leaf

LG05 Racket Leaf

LG06 Cobra Leaf

LG07 Kanchan Leaf

LG08 Pana Leaf

LG09 Jack Leaf

LG10 Bamboo Leaf Single

LG11 Bamboo Leaf Tripple

LG12 Pepal Leaf

LG13 Rowl Stick

LG14 Mexicana Pyramid

LG15 Mexicana Full

LG16 Sun Palm Leaf

LG17 Khejur Sikha

LG17 Khejur Sikha Colour

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