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Sola Wood Flowers

Sola Wood Flowers are made from soft balsa wood and are typically cream in color and have a unique soft texture and natural looking. We offer a wide range of sola flowers in different sizes, shapes and colors for special occasion like birthday, anniversary and wedding. The Most Popular Sola Flower are Sola Belly, Sola Zenia, Sola Rose, Sola Dahlia, Sola Buity Rose, Sola Bud Rose, Sola Bombay Rose, Sola Rosario, Sola Protea, Sola Magnolia, Sola Sunflower and many more design to complete your decoration.

SF001 Sola Rose

SF002 Sola Bud Rose

SF003 Sola Bombay Rose

SF004 Sola Rosario

SF005 Sola Belly

SF006 Sola Charki

SF007 Sola Gold Star

SF008 Sola Zenia

SF009 Sola Cosmos

SF010 Sola Protea

SF011 Sola Star Protea

SF012 Sola Gardenia

SF013 Sola Moon Flower

SF014 Sola Sunflower

SF015 Sola Split Sunflower

SF016 Sola Sunny Daisy

SF017 Sola Marigold

SF018 Sola Spiral Flower

SF019 Sola Buity Rose

SF020 Sola Lotus

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