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Jute & Ribbons

We have wide range of Jute Handmade Flowers, Jute Ribbons, Jute Cloth, Jute Tape and Jute Bags of various sizes and Colors. These Ribbons are used for Colorful Decoration in Christmas, Birthday Party, Wedding, Gift Packing etc.

JR01 Jute Fan

JR01 Jute Fan Colour

JR02 Jute Spear

JR03 Jute Rope Apple

JR04 Jute Apple

JR05 Jute Milkweed

JR06 Jute Cabbage

JR07 Jute Chain

JR08 Jute Mod Chain

JR09 Jute Chain Three Knot

JR10 Jute Chain Five Knot

JR11 Jute Chain Seven Knot

JR12 Jute Rose

JR13 Jute Deco Rose

JR15 Jute Romantic Rose

JR16 Jute Lily

JR18 Jute Mexicana

JR19 Jute Mexican Daisy

JR21 Jute Art Stick

JR22 Jute Candy

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