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Bouquets & Wreaths

Our collection of bouquets and wreaths made from natural dried flowers are most requested for weddings. Add some everlasting dried flower wreath on your front door and walls for a beautiful welcoming display. However, bouquets can be added to a decorative vase for an elegant arrangement any time of year, such as for mothers day, valentines day, birthdays or anniversaries. Wedding bouquets made from sola wood flowers and from natural dried flowers are becoming increasingly popular. A dried floral wreath is an excellent way to freshen up your space with high quality dried and preserved flowers and will last forever.

We are happy to make a bunch of flowers which are attractively arranged for a bouquet combination of your choice. Bouquets are often given for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries or funerals. A wreath adds beauty and color to the season hanging a wreath on the door of your home. They are the easiest decoration for your home and a wonderful gift to your partner, friends and relatives.

BW01 Stand Bouquet A

BW01 Stand Bouquet B

BW01 Stand Bouquet C

BW01 Stand Bouquet D

BW02 Corn Tree A

BW03 Corn Tree B

BW04 Corn Tree C

BW05 Corn Tree D

BW06 Corn Mushroom Tree

BW07 Cedar Rose Tree

BW08 Daisy Tree

BW09 Munny Tree

BW10 Chilli Tree

BW11 Exotic Bunch

BW11 Exotic Bunch Colour

BW12 Dry Cross

BW13 Chilli Wreath

BW14 Skeleton Wreath

BW15 Corn Grass Wreath

BW16 Banana Ring

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