World Dried Flowers

The rattan reed stick and wick diffusers are the perfect way to gradually release the fragrance in a room. The oil will travel up through the reeds or the wick and gradually diffuse into the air. The reeds are available as straight or curled and in various colors. 6cm sola flowers with wick and 3cm sola flowers with reed sticks can be added for more graceful look.
SD001 Sola Belly with Wick
SD002 Sola Charki with Wick
SD003 Sola Zenia with Wick
SD004 Sola Kadam with Wick
SD005 Sola Sprial with Wick
SD006 Sola Sunshine with Wick
SD007 Sola Buity Rose with Wick
SD008 Sola Bud Rose with Wick
SD009 Sola Bombay with Wick
SD010 Sola Blossom with Wick
SD011 Sola Heart Blossom with Wick
SD012 Sola Zig Blossom with Wick
SD013 Sola Sunflower with Wick
SD015 Sola Dalia with Wick
SD015 Sola Camellia with Wick
Rattan Stick Bleach & Black - 3mm x 25cm