World Dried Flowers

Pot Pourries

Pot pourries can be defined as the mixture / combination of dried flowers, petals and other plant materials with spices or other fragrance materials and it is used to scent the air. it consists of an attractive mixture of dried plant materials of assorted shapes, size, texture and color which makes it as a decorative item as well.
PP33 Jacaranda Petals
PP34 Mike Petals
PP35 Lily Petals
PP36 Land Lotus Petals
PP37 Cedar Petals
PP38 Coco Petals
PP39 Strobus Petals
PP40 Pep Cap
PP41 Red Chilli
PP42 Sola Guli
PP43 Sola Skin Guli
PP44 Sola Chips
PP45 Sola Belly
PP46 Sola Skin Belly
PP47 Sola Zenia
PP48 Sola Bakuli
PP49 Sola Rose
PP50 Sola Rose with Leaf