World Dried Flowers

Pot Pourries

Pot pourries can be defined as the mixture / combination of dried flowers, petals and other plant materials with spices or other fragrance materials and it is used to scent the air. it consists of an attractive mixture of dried plant materials of assorted shapes, size, texture and color which makes it as a decorative item as well.
PP17 Cotton Petals
PP18 Shiny Wings
PP19 Mehogany Slice
PP20 Maize Cut
PP21 Canella Cut
PP22 Bajra Cut
PP23 Sponge Cut
PP24 Papaya Cut
PP25 Spider Grass
PP26 Pine Needles
PP27 Til Pod
PP28 Screw Pod
PP29 Curly Pod
PP30 Putka Pod
PP31 Pal Pod
PP32 Apple Pod