World Dried Flowers


The Decorative Exotic Dried Flowers that we offer are Bell Cup, Mehogany Pods, Cattails, Palm Spear, Buddha Nut, Luffa, Strobus, Cedar Rose, Badam, Babla, Lotus Pods, Canella berries, Pine Cones, Mintolla Ball, Lily etc. collected from all over India. Our Exotic Dried Flowers are available in different colors and sizes so as to meet the different demands of the customers.
EX055 Lotus Pod
EX056 Flower Mushroom
EX057 Golden Mushroom
EX058 Khira
EX059 Elephant Ear
EX060 Meho Spoon
EX061 Buddha Nut
EX062 Land Lotus
EX063 Boat Mini
EX064 Screw Beans
EX065 Khejur Jhar
EX066 Palm Det Net