World Dried Flowers

Bouquets & Wreaths

Our collection of bouquets and wreaths are made from natural dried flowers are most requested for weddings. Hang one of our exotic wreaths on your front door for a beautiful welcoming display. However, bouquets can be added to a decorative vase for an elegant arrangement any time of year, such as for mother's day, valentine's day, birthdays or anniversaries.
BW13 Chilli Wreath
BW14 Skeleton Wreath
BW15 Corn Grass Wreath
BW16 Banana Ring
BW17 Skeleton Ring
BW18 Moss Ring
BW19 Lata Ring
BW20 Lata Brown Ring
BW21 Palm Chain Heart
BW22 Sola Chips Ring
BW23 Sola Rope Ring
BW24 Sola Cabbage Ring