World Dried Flowers

Balls Decor

Ball decor are offered in a large variety of designs and sizes that can be modified according to customer needs. The most popular ball decor are Lata Ball, Vizi Ball, Lata Brown Ball, Grass Ball, Rope Ball, Browny Ball, Sola Chips Ball, Sola Cabbage Ball, Sola Rope Ball, Sola Stripe Ball, Sola Globe Ball, Sola Crape Ball and many more items.
BD46 Sola Crape Ball
BD47 Sola Skin Crape Ball
BD48 Sola Rose Ball
BD49 Sola Guli Ball
BD50 Sola Skin Guli Ball
BD51 Sola Pine Ball
BD52 Sola Rosella Ball
BD53 Sola Belly Ball
BD54 Sola Zenia Ball